#UFOSA: Smart Drink (Clover & FutureLife)

Challenge: Breaking into a congested market, Clover and FutureLife needed an eye-catching campaign to launch their new Smart Drink.

Overview: To solve this, we partnered with Above-the-line agency, Joe Public, to stage a fake UFO landing in South Africa. Employing influencers to help seed and spread content, we managed to get the whole country talking – even going so far as to secure additional, free coverage via news outlets.

Solution: Footage and photos of a UFO landing were crafted and spread via an orchestrated influencer campaign. This generated massive interest and excitement amongst our target market with the content trending for days. The “reveal” had the whole country talking – a big “win” for the brand.

Results: Ultimately, we managed to reach more than 3 million South Africans with our content via social media and influencers – with over 18 million impressions. The awareness generated ensured a successful launch for the product.