adidas 3Stripes

Sometimes the worth of a very simple value proposition can be underestimated.

adidas needed to understand who was shopping at their retail outlets, and how to engage with these consumers. So we launched a simple bi-monthly online newsletter – 3STRIPES – which promised to give subscribers access to behind-the-scenes brand content: new products coming, sponsorships and events, and adidas stories that otherwise would have gone untold. Added to this, members got the opportunity to enter competitions, get special discounts and be the first to know about sales. Ongoing research, through both online surveys and focus groups have enabled us to tailor benefits to ensure they remain valuable and current. Through the web (traditional and mobile), and through touch-screen PODS used in-store, we have recruited many brand fanatics as 3Stripes members, open rates on e-mails hover at around 15% and competition response rates average at around 9%.

And since the early days of 3Stripes, we’ve progressed that simple value proposition (and the loyalty platform). Now, not only do we provide richer content more regularly, but we have given fans the opportunity to gain real world rewards by swiping their new 3Stripes cards in-store. We’ve also extended the functionality of 3Stripes platform into the social arena allowing members to connect their 3Stripes profile to their social network of choice, and even post tagged content to these networks.

Our database provides a single view of these members which gives us the ability to track their behaviour from online activity through to purchase.