Peugeot 208 – Let your Tweets Drive

Challenge: For the launch of the Peugeot 208, we needed an innovative way to create hype, generate awareness and showcase the car and it’s features.

Overview: So, we created South Africa’s first online TV show with the car as both the star and the set. Social Media fans could interact by sending instructions to our driver and his guests. The “show” was then streamed live online, from the road – no mean feat!

Solution: Tweets and Facebook posts from fans decided where our driver, up-and-coming DJ and comedian Lucky du Plessis, went and what he did. This ensured that the live-streamed content we created was exciting, unique and compelling for our target audience.

Results: By placing the Peugeot 208 centre-stage, we allowed South Africa to take the driving seat and experience the car in a fun and memorable way. Interest, enquiries and test-drives sky-rocketed and our groundbreaking campaign was declared a massive success.