A day in the life of Arc

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A day in the life of Arc

A day in the life of Arc

Arc’s day typically starts at 6am, when Anna our Director of Operations and Everything Else, gets in. Anna enjoys at least a couple of hours to herself, scheduling in the work for the day and not having to deal with overwrought client services people.

Other early-birds start trickling in slowly, but the day truly starts at 9am at which time the entire staff complement can be found around the coffee machine. Having successfully put off the start of the work day by at least 15 minutes, the creatives reluctantly head to their desks to face the pile of job bags Anna placed there two hours previously.

Client services can at this point be found at their PCs, staring at the their inboxes, pondering the difference between “urgent” and “important” and (in least one case), wondering how soon is too soon for another cup of tea.

The morning usually passes in a blur – the creatives create, client services forward emails, the directors have meetings, and Data does cool stuff with numbers that no-one else really understands. By 10.30am there is not a clean cup to be found and if you’re looking for someone who is not at their desk, the coffee machine is a good place to start.

The highlight of the morning is the visit of Vivienne, the Snack Lady, at around 11.30am. Bags of popcorn, chips, sweets and chocolates quickly disappear while Vivienne wordlessly relieves us of our money and rebuffs Junaid’s attempts at sweet talk with a stony glare.

Energy levels are thus replenished and for the next while our open plan offices resound to a chorus of munching, only to fall silent around lunchtime when around half the staff disappear to top up cash registers at the Woolworths up the road.

The afternoon brings yet more runs on the coffee machine, and by 3pm we’re once again out of coffee cups . At this stage client services are either nervously hovering around the studio, monitoring the progress of their most urgent jobs*, or wondering whether there are any client meetings that can be arranged towards the end of the day. Preferably a client who has offices en route home.

*A word on job bags – on any given day anything upward of 50 job bags are trafficked through studio, entailing very careful planning in terms of the various clients and deadlines. Therefore the order of job bags in the studio is not to be tampered with, no matter how tempting it is for a client services person to slip their own job bags on top of the pile. This can give rise to plenty of nervous hovering by client services and eye-rolling by creatives.

After 5pm the office gradually falls silent. At this point it used to be a good time for the few remaining diehards to pay a visit to the drinks fridge, but that has now been put a stop to. We hopefully leave the office with the sense of a job well done, and the satisfaction of working in the best DM agency in Cape Town.


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