The humble welcome pack

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The humble welcome pack

The humble welcome pack

All too often “Welcome Packs” form part of a laundry list of communications required by a client and fall into the do-I-really-need-to-have-this? category along with the likes of birthday communications.  Or they just don’t make it onto the list at all because “we’ll get to that later”.

For me though, it’s one of the most important communications when planning a full CRM journey and often a quick win.

Here are two great examples of how a really simple, but cleverly crafted welcome communication can make a difference to the overall lifetime value of a customer.

On the Protea Hotels Prokard Loyalty programme one of the first things we did was introduce a welcome email to new and renewing members.  They were welcoming their members via mail when they delivered their membership card to them, but we were missing an opportunity.  By introducing an email, members heard from us immediately and were sufficiently excited still to read the email (open rates of up to 30%), they were able to click through to the Protea Hotels website to create their online profile (around 60% of them do this), and they are equipped with their membership number and able to click through to make discounted accommodation bookings and earn rewards without having to wait for their card (our welcomes are our second best generator of bookings for Prokard members).

And recently on Virgin Active, we’ve had a similar success.

So, what are the traits of a good welcome communication?

  • It sets the tone for the rest of the relationship and starts things off on a positive note.
  • It reminds the customer of why they’ve signed up with the brand and reiterates any benefits.
  • It equips the customer to start transacting immediately.
  • It invites the customer to be part of an ongoing conversation.
  • And it adds value immediately.

This is just the start of the journey and one of many valuable customer touch points.  Getting into the minds and voice of the brand, creating an authentic experience for customers and engaging in a meaningful and relevant way, is just some of what makes us really tick.


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