The win-win of working with NGO’s

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The win-win of working with NGO’s

The win-win of working with NGO’s

Sometimes working on a NGO client can be hard.  You’re almost always faced with limited budgets… clients are often super busy doing the job of 3 people, multi-tasking or hastily learning new skills… deadlines can be crazy because an opportunity has just presented itself…

But they can also be extremely rewarding.

When The Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust (or CHT as we know them) recently sent out a Mother’s Day email appeal, I read it as I would review any other work we do, but before I knew it, I was reaching for my credit card to donate – the mere thought of spending Mother’s day without my most precious little daughter was enough to make me want to support the great work being done by the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in any way I can.  And once I’d pulled myself together again, I had a quiet celebration that it was our simple, but compelling copy that had drawn me in and it was the website that we developed for them that enabled me (and many others) to donate successfully online and in the heat of the moment.  Then, when I received my personalised thank you note from CHT in the mail I knew that collectively, we subscribe to old fashioned good manners which form the basis for any personal relationship or good CRM strategy.  All-in-all, a great experience.

I count myself lucky to work with the likes of the Children’s Hospital Trust, Ikamva Labantu, Doctors without Borders and Home from Home.  And I hope to share more of their great work with you in future.


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