The human face of marketing

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The human face of marketing

The human face of marketing

Lessons from Friday night at the bar

Humanising brands.

That’s really just a fancy way of saying that winning brands treat customers as one would treat anybody that you’re interested in spending time with.

Why is this suddenly a novel idea for brands and companies?

Well it all relies on the technology we now have at our disposal. It gives us the ability to engage in real-time two way dialogue with customers and brands, in pretty much the same way as people have been able to communicate with other humans for thousands of years.

However, when we take this analogy to its logical conclusion, it’s obvious that, just because you have the God-given ability to communicate with others, there’s no guarantee anybody wants to engage in conversation with you.

So like courtship and dating then.

Most males can attest: the ability to communicate certainly does not guarantee successful engagement and “conversion”. As many a forlorn teenager will tell you, the ability to communicate does not give you the inalienable right to someone’s attentions and affections.

Think of it this way, when you’re out on a Friday night, are you aesthetically pleasing? Do you have anything engaging and interesting to say? Are you respectful, do you listen, do you have anything to exchange for the right to the other person’s attention?

In other words, what’s your personal Value Proposition? What do you have to offer in exchange for their time? What value is the other person going to take away from the interaction?

Whilst (like in bars) the Value Proposition might be measured in financial terms by the other party, it needn’t be so! Are you a sympathetic ear, do you give others a voice, do you have interesting content and information to share?

Or, is it simply the fact that you have good manners and show respect? What is your personal brand differentiator and does it resonate well with your target?

When brands (like humans) keep the conversation simple and straightforward, are easy to understand and engage with; and come across as genuine, authentic and interesting – they are not only more likely to be allowed to continue engaging, but they also have the opportunity to draw consumers closer.

Of course, like dating, the all-important conversion is not guaranteed, but the fact that you’ve been interesting, added value to the customers’ experience, shared a little of what you are about and been confident about it, will go a long way in proving that you’re worth investing some time in. And quite possibly, even bringing home to meet Mom and Dad.


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