A brief history of Arc Bingo Club

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A brief history of Arc Bingo Club

A brief history of Arc Bingo Club

Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with bingo

All through history, every great enterprise came on the heels of a mass yearning for social change.

The French Revolution.
The moon landing.
Ross and Rachel finally getting together.

Important things. Great things.

At Arc, we heed mass yearnings for social change. And out of this need was born Bingo Club.

A wholesome pastime, calling to mind images of sweet old folk, sitting around trestle tables, sipping tea.

At Arc, however, we like to turn arc-etypes (geddit?) on their head.

So long Grandma! Hello Bingo Club.

Here is a brief timeline into the history of this vaunted establishment:

Before Bingo Club

  • People worked
  • Deadlines were met
  • People chatted in the kitchen
  • Laughs were heard (sporadically)

After Bingo Club

  • Debauchery
  • Extravagant excuses for stumbling home late “We had load shedding and I had to manually write out a strategy document. With a pen and everything!”
  • Sudden loud bursts of laughter, hijinks and hilarity

The premise behind our highly evolved Bingo Club is simply about meeting a need. A need to have fun. It all started last year when a few fellow Arc-ers were bored. Questions were flying around.

When was the last time we had a meal together?
Why do we always work so hard?
What time will the snack lady arrive?

Important questions.

So, a few of the team decided to make this happen. And so they did. From the end of year celebration, to farewells, Bingo Club has its hand in most pies.

And it’s not always about the party. Mostly, yes. But not always.

Within this highly select group of individuals who run Bingo Club (with an iron fist), has emerged another highly select subset of individuals – Bingo Active. This bunch are all about the worthier causes like park runs and fun walks. Results thus far have not been promising but they live in hope. Let’s just say that it’s cold outside…

So, the next time you see a bunch of rowdy ne’er-do-wells traipsing around, being loud, join in. Arc Bingo Club strives to be inclusive. We have a manifesto to that effect and everything. Well, we have the idea for it… you get the picture…





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