Marketing buzzwords that must die. Now.

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Marketing buzzwords that must die. Now.

Marketing buzzwords that must die. Now.


Just when you think you’ve got them all, a new one appears in media and pop culture and you have to remember to add it to your vocabulary. To sound cool. And if you’re in marketing – to sound like you actually know what you’re talking about. It’s in the fine print of the job description.

The language of marketing has a practical place (and sure, we like having our code to distinguish us from those not in our secret club) but some terms are horribly overused.

Admittedly, we speak buzzwordinese. A lot. These phrases and words pepper more conversations than we’d like to admit. But maybe it’s time to let them go gently into the good night.

Sense check
“Before we go further, let’s sense check what you’re thinking.”
Why it needs to stop:
How EXACTLY would one check things without using your senses? ANY kind of checking must be done with one’s senses. Honestly. Want to CHECK that a colour matches? Use your sight. Want to CHECK that a soundbite is right? Use your hearing. Want to CHECK whether milk is good? Use your sense of smell.

Reach out
“Thanks for reaching out to us via email.”
Why it needs to stop:
Because not every email is laced with sympathy and compassion. Reaching out brings to mind acts of charity or support. Not every communication is an expression of your caring. Sometimes a call is just to get business done.

“We need an organic kind of solution here.”
Why it needs to stop:
So you’re telling me you want me to pitch an actual, living thing as a tool for marketing, awareness and communication, which are abstract, intangible concepts? What am I? A mad scientist? Even if I could will a new life form into existence, good luck retaining copyright on something if it turns out to be sentient.

Touch base
“Give me some time with this, and I’ll touch base with you soon.”
Why it needs to stop:
Of all the definitions one can think of for base, like a building from which one operates, a cosmetic product or a non-acidic chemical component, are there any instances where there would be a practical purpose to having two people’s bases touch? Want to talk later? Well just say so then!

“There’s a client of mine I’d really like to connect you with.”
Why it needs to stop:
Like most entries on this list, it’s just being pretentious. No one is connecting me with this person or brand, they’re introducing me. Train cars connect, chain links connect, Lego bricks connect. People meet.

“I’m going to need you to curate content for the project.”
Why it needs to stop:
Possibly the worst offender. Curate. Did this get started when someone thought their Pinterest board was somehow superior to that of their friends? Was “pinning” suddenly too common to describe the way they added links to a page? Curating is just a fancier way of saying choosing, selecting or picking. Art galleries and museums are where someone (usually with experience and a particular qualification) curates. Marketing?
Not so much.




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