Awards are great… sales are better

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Awards are great… sales are better

Awards are great… sales are better

Every great marketing campaign starts with a solid premise and clear objectives. More often than not, as worthy as these objectives may be, we’d also like a little glory to go with it. In the form of nice shiny awards.

But as we know, in a difficult economic environment, clients’ budgets are tighter. At the same time, they also have better tools to track the success of their campaigns. The days of beautifully crafted ads that don’t meet the brief are over. Return on investment is key and this is how agencies are judged.

So, where does this leave creativity?

We like to think that Arc has always been a bit ahead of the curve here. One of our core values has long been that it’s our job to make our clients profitable. We do this by:

  • Influencing behaviour
  • Valuing relationships between consumers and brands
  • Understanding data and…
  • Delivering awesome creative

To us, good creative and results-driven work have never been two separate things. We make it our mission to understand our clients’ business challenges, the environment in which they operate, and we push ourselves to offer innovative solutions and the best creative possible. But only if the results meet (or exceed!) the objectives of the brief, do we judge our work a success.

That’s not to say we have no time for awards (because all agencies like to be rewarded for good work!).

So, awards? Yes please.

But we aim for effectiveness awards where we’re judged both on the quality of the creative, and the return on investment it delivered for the client. Pretty work that generated a poor response doesn’t get a look-in – likewise, we don’t submit work that we don’t believe is going to turn heads.

And how do we measure up?

In the last nine years, we’ve won 27 effectiveness awards.

So of course we value awards, and the recognition we receive from our peers in the industry. But we value our clients more and our guiding mission is always to deliver great creative that gets them the best results possible.

“The quality of a great creative agency, I believe, is not one that ranks highest on the awards table, but one which can boast good client retention. Time with clients builds trust, and with trust you can go so much further.”

– Quinton Luck, Executive Creative Director









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