You can’t sit with us…

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You can’t sit with us…

You can’t sit with us…

Spend long enough with any group and eventually words and terms gain a special meaning within your group and make no sense to anyone else. It becomes a distinct way of communicating that marks you out as unique, perhaps hip and cool, and is intended to deliberately exclude anyone not in your group.

At Arc, we tend to stick around for a while. So it’s not surprising that we have some terms which have gained some rather unique meanings. And so here, in no particular order, are 7 Arcisms we use regularly.

Fridge quotes
Traditional definition: a brief, sometimes witty quote stuck somewhere prominent, intended to give you a bit of inspiration to get on with your day.

Arcism: a collection of highly incriminating quotes, conscientiously noted down by copywriter Amy, and sent to the entire company from time to time for our reading pleasure. It’s unlikely you’ll ever see any of these quotes on someone’s fridge.

Traditional definition: a large country in northern Eurasia.

Arcism:  where Kate, one of our client service people, hails from. Except she doesn’t. She’s from the Czech Republic. In a rather worrying indictment of the South African geography syllabus, it appears that no-one at Arc knows the difference. Still, marginally better than referring to her as a mail-order bride. Which has also been uttered more than once. Okay, a lot more than once.

Traditional definition: impossibly cute high-pitched cartoon characters.

Arcism: Anna, our amazing fearless manager of everything. See her barrelling down the stairs with an armful of job bags, a permanently harassed look on her face, and it’s best not to make eye contact. Just smile and wave. And run in the opposite direction.

Dr Quinn
Traditional definition: frothy 90s TV drama starring Jane Seymour.

Arcism: creative director, dolphin-whisperer, NSRI volunteer and qualified medic… not only is our creative in safe hands, but help is at hand for sprained ankles and other office injuries. His female fan base have been known to accidentally-on-purpose injure themselves.

Bingo Club
Traditional definition: a gathering of avid bingo players.

Arcism: refer to article on the origins of Bingo Club. Note: no bingo has, to date, been played. Ever.

Breakfast Club
Traditional definition: cutesy 80s high school movie about angsty teenagers.

Arcism: monthly staff catch-up. Meant to begin promptly at 9am. Frequently starts at 4pm. Meant to include breakfast foods. Frequently includes chips, snacks, alcohol.
Disclaimer: we’re not complaining.

Touch sides
Traditional definition: when you’ve eaten your fill but it made no impact, “that didn’t even touch sides, I’m still starving…”

Arcism: this has somehow come to mean, “let’s have a meeting, we’ll touch sides next week okay?” Er no. We’re not waiting till next week to eat.





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