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Royco Rewards

Case Studies

Royco Rewards

the challenge:

Build a permission-based database of Royco consumers with 100 000 registrations by December 2018 with particular focus on stokvel members’ contact details.

the solution:

We began the first single-brand FMCG loyalty programme in South Africa: Royco Rewards. We utilized multi-platform implementation via USSD and a WhatsApp Chatbot and used airtime as a rewards mechanism, allowing consumers to earn points for every Royco product they purchased and trade their points for airtime. We utilized an automated till slip reader to validate and count purchases and SMS messages triggered at appropriate times drove behavior. The referral mechanic acted as a promotional tool too – rewarding customers for bringing others on board.

the results:

We launched on 16 July 2018 and by the end of August we had 82 000 completed registrations. Post that the message to join Royco Rewards went viral and people were sharing their referral codes with family and friends, pushing our membership numbers up radically. Currently as at Jan 2019, we stand at 240 000 registrations, with 96% of those giving permission for Royco to communicate with them on an ongoing basis. Furthermore 67% of our base are stated stokvel members, giving us an excellent introduction to an invaluable customer base.


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