We believe there is no cut and paste approach when it comes to bringing a brand to life in the digital sphere. We provide brands with integrated digital solutions such as email marketing, mobile marketing, influencer strategies, online advertising, Pay-per-click campaigns, online PR, websites, SEO, SEM, third party advertising, online radio and even automated bots.


We are driven to build digital ecosystems as solutions to both online and real world brand challenges. At the heart of every digital campaign are the needs of the modern consumer which guides our overall digital strategy. We ensure that every digital contact point communicates a simple, clear and consistent message to build a memorable brand experience. Our data and insight driven approach allows us to contour the consumer’s digital experience of the brand via a thorough understanding of consumer archetypes and behaviours across various industries.


Arc SA understands that the digital advertising landscape is constantly changing, growing and evolving as consumer needs change. This is why we are constantly finding new ways to reach key audiences through digital channels. We believe that the key to cutting through the digital clutter is disruption of media space.


Our creative process can be described as a blend of art and science. Built on a foundation of strong digital strategy and sound data driven insights, our creativity knows no bounds. We collaborate with our clients to create the best solution for your brand. Our team of thinkers, creatives, engineers and developers are savvy idea generators inspired by human truth.


We are developers by nature, pioneering innovation in every website, programme or app that we build. We focus on building new digital experiences and solving real world brand problems with high level digital solutions. These solutions include digital activations, OOH digital media, UXD, UID, loyalty systems, programmatic buying, apps, websites, PPC campaigns, integrated social media strategies and more. Driven by curiosity and passion, our dev team are ready to take on any digital brand challenge you may have!

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