Traditional DM

Traditional DM

Traditional DM

Direct Mail is a specialised communication platform that allows businesses to communicate their offering in a manner that is tactical, targeted and involving – and which generally brings a higher response rate than other forms of direct marketing.

Arc South Africa puts more than a million mailers in the post each month for various clients, and has more than 20 years experience in running successful direct mail campaigns on both a B2B and B2C platform. From list sourcing, data cleaning and fulfilment to creative, conceptually driven campaigns that deliver on ROI, our expertise is broad and established.

Recent international statistics have shown a resurgence in the demand for direct mail: as the inbox becomes more cluttered, the mail box has emptied, and this has led consumers to be more receptive to personalised pieces that arrive directly in their homes.

Arc has won many awards (Assegais, Echoes and others) for their ground-breaking direct mail campaigns – and has innovated in this space continually… from putting a landline phone in a box for MWEB to highlight the ease of new VOIP technology to creating a lightbox that illuminated the beauty of the new BMW 6 Series for potential high end clients.

Arc also has a particular passion and expertise in the realm of fundraising direct mail, and has successfully run programmes for clients as diverse as St Luke’s Hospice, The Children’s Hospital Trust, iKamva Labantu, CPUT and more.

Arc currently runs highly targeted direct mail campaigns for clients such as DirectAxis, Sanlam and CashPower – mailshots which work together to continually outperform other channels of communication.

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